About Me

Why should you care what I say? Why does what I say have any value over what someone else says?

Absolutely no reason. I have my own opinion, and discovered that if I don’t write it down, I don’t share it. If I write it in a thread on social media, it collects insults or likes, but no discussion beyond flaming.

I care about things in the following order:

  • My Family. Wife, child, pets.
  • Reason and Logic are the source of all truth. Science is the pursuit of reason in a logical way, and is therefore, the best way to find the truth.
  • My Faith. I am a man of faith, and no that is not contradictory to reason. No, it is not magic.
  • Open Source. Linux, GNU, Redhat, Canonical, even Microsoft. Open source is what I want to do, and what I want to be part of.
  • My own health. Yes, this should probably be higher in the list. No, I will not move it up. If anything, it will move down.

I’m a life long technology enthusiast, currently working for SMART Technologies in Alberta, Canada, as a DevOps System Administrator. My employer has no affiliation with my blog, although I may write about some things I do at work.