So about that switch….

I did it! I moved my primary home server to FreeBSD 11, running with zfs, and managed to keep all of my home services running without issue.

Except there was an issue.

I have no idea why, but it seems that the network scheduler on FreeBSD does not play nicely with Emby. Whenever I tried to watch my media while away on vacation, I go horrible lag and terrible streaming playback.

I’m not expecting much, but have more then enough bandwidth to support a 1080p h.264 stream from anywhere. It only ever happened on FreeBSD, as CentOS never had this issue. Just to test it, I put CentOS back in place on the server, and it is happily running without needing so much as a kick when it comes to streaming, email, system backups and PXE.

Sorry to say, FreeBSD left a lot to be desired in the performance department.

It does make me think that FreeBSD deserves a closer look as a base operating system for other use cases. I’m still considering it for running some of my websites, but will have to run some more tests, and hopefully can find a solution in the end.